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Cabaret is a place to share stories through song, creating dialogue between audience and performer, embracing our differences and similarities. The purpose of the Chicago Paris Cabaret Connexion is to help make the art of intimate song more visible, and gain new audiences from Paris to Chicago and beyond.

Our Cabaret Connexion is also about making connections among singers of different countries and repertoires. Singers, lovers of song, and curious travelers—join us for the next Connexions in Paris and Chicago!

At the end of 2016, Chicago performers Lynne Jordan, Elizabeth Doyle, and Claudia Hommel got together to propose a singers exchange with Parisian performers. By the spring of 2017, Natalja Aicardi and Kat Victoria had joined our efforts in Chicago, while in France, Mylène Launay and Christian Stalla took up the call for our first exchange—in Paris, September 2017. The rest is now history. Visit our News and Updates to learn more.

Here's a video montage from our Chicago July 23 concert—nine divas, and Paul Coscino at the piano!

Correspondante à Paris
Mylène Launay : 06 71 83 70 65
Correspondent in Chicago
Claudia Hommel : 1-773-509-9360

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